Creating a world first fully decentralised derivatives exchange.
Arriving soon.

Trustless Derivatives Contracts

No intermediaries, no risk of hacking

Leveraged Trading

Algorithmic protection against default


Promoted via strong incentives

Sophisticated Trading UI

Designed by professional derivatives traders

Rewarding Traders

Virtuous fee cycle rewarding only participants, not middle men


New markets created by consensus

Global & Censorship Resistant

Anyone with an Ethereum wallet can trade any Vega markets, from anywhere


Bespoke sidechain for order matching and margining

Non Custodial

Crypto funds are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and controlled by the network, not Vega

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Who are Vega?

Vega is comprised of a worldclass team of scientists and engineers, derivatives professionals and visionaries, delving deep into the intricacies of blockchain technologies to craft a new and accessible marketplace.

Vega's decentralised derivatives solution will empower the growth and breadth of crypto currency derivative portfolios, open doors to new markets such as the global $2 trillion credit gap and attract traditional derivatives traders with it's unique combination of decentralisation, democratised access and sophisticated trading & risk management tools.