Vega is a fully decentralised marketplace for smart financial products.

Trading happens on Vega... ...all funds held on Ethereum


World's first end-to-end decentralised trading protocol covering pre-trade to settlement.

Bespoke blockchain designed for trading by leading researchers in information security.

Marketplace designed and tested by derivatives traders to enable fair and protected margin trading.

Whitepaper coming soon
Expected August 2018
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Fast & Scalable

Bespoke sidechain exclusively for trading and settlement of financial products allows an order of magnitude of lower latency and higher throughput.

Network is natively sharded by market allowing unlimited horizontal scalability across new assets.

High Liquidity

Strong financial incentives for market making.

Market makers obligated to provide prices 24/7.

Built in governance protocol ensures new markets meet sufficient liquidity requirements

Protected Leveraged Trading

Continuous re-evaluation of margin requirements allows high leverage even in volatile markets.

Platform allows traders to self-select leverage levels based on risk appetite.

Bespoke position resolution algorithm protects network and ensures fair outcomes in extreme market conditions.


New markets created by participants when there is sufficient backing by the community.

Anyone with crypto wallet can trade from anywhere.

Open and transparent protocol creates a trusted environment for a strong ecosystem.

No middleman collecting fees.


March 2018
Proof of Concept

Trading UI

Trading API Prototype

Smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain

May 2018
Network PoC

Replace the API stub/prototype with first version of P2P network code

July 2018
Testnet Alpha

Alpha feature set on testnet

Only Vega-run Market Maker nodes

August 2018
Mainnet Alpha

Real users, albeit limited release to pre-selected alpha cohort

Only Vega-run Market Maker nodes

December 2018
Mainnet Beta / Open Market Alpha

Q1 2019
Allow anonymous Market Makers

Q2 2019
Open creation of tradable products by vote

Q3 2019
Smart product language